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Fat Reduction

ICONIC Sculpting

Iconic Sculpting is our signature FIRE AND ICE. is clinically proven to be the world’s best fat reduction treatment protocol, comibing the effects of both FIRE (i.e Radiofrequency) and ICE (Cryoliposis)


We at ICONIC LA MEDSPA are proud to introduce the FIRE & ICE Fat Reduction Treatment protocol in Los Angeles with the FDA approved and CE approved technology i.e Venus Legacy and Cryoliposis (coolsculpting)

One full treatment of ICONIC SCULPTING is a combination of   (3) ICONIC Fat Freeze sessions (ICE) and (6) ICONIC Skin Tightening (FIRE) by Venus Legacy.

The exact number of Sessions required for Iconic Sculpting vary from person to person depending on the treatment area and amount of fat present.

Experience the Power of FIRE AND ICE

The first step of the treatment is ICE i.e ICONIC Fat Freeze (Coolsculpt). Iconic Fat Freeze works by using the patented cryolipolysis technology. This literally means breakdown or destruction of fat (lipolysis) through the application of cooling (cryo).

Subcutaneous fat cells are more susceptible to cold than the surrounding skin tissues. Hence, when cooling is applied the adipocytes crystallize at a higher temperature and undergo programmed cell death (apoptosis) releasing cytokines and inflammatory mediators. The dead fat cells are engulfed by macrophages and are then removed naturally from the body via the lymphatic system just like the natural fat in the food we eat. Once this fat is eliminated it is eliminated forever.


The second step of the treatment is FIRE i.e Iconic Skin Tightening done by Radiofrequency through Venus Legacy. Cryolipolysis or Iconic Fat Freeze destroys fat cells but leaves behind lose and lax skin. This is where the FIRE part of the Iconic FIT comes in. During this part of the treatment, the radio frequencies heat the collagen below the skin causing it to tighten and regenerate. This helps to contour and smooth the skin especially after the fat has been removed.

Iconic Sculpting promises to tackle not just the fat but also skin tone. In other words, you will not only see inches disappear but will also notice that the skin will become smoother and tighter.

Join Iconic LA Medspa’s “Iconic Sculpting Fat Removal Program” to remove your unwanted fat. We combine 2 of the world’s best technologies to deliver dramatic results, without surgery. It’s a complete, clinically proven, non-surgical solution to total transformation and is more affordable than you think.

Real results – less than half the cost of liposuction with no risks, no trauma, no downtime and no surgery.